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How to use the “MEMORY 1944 – 1989” site effectively

This text will provide you with more detailed explanations about how you can use effectively, as wells as the functions and capabilities of its inbuilt expanded search system.

For the English language page, the priority at the moment is to translate the articles in the main menu. The next stage will be to translate the profiles of the individual victims which have been uploaded only in Bulgarian.

The main sections of

The site menus consists of 8 main sections – “MISSION”, “COMMUNISM”, “CRIMES”, “VICTIMS”, “EVIDENCE”, "TESTIMONIES”, “CONDEMNATION”, “MEMORIAL PLACES”. The “MISSION” section will contain information about the project, this article about the method of use, and the “News” section will contain information connected exclusively with the site, including the official presentation, The “News” section will publish references to the largest group of victim profiles to make navigation easier for the readers.

The “COMMUNISM” section will provide information about the ideology propounded by the BCP, its leaders and facts about the three bankruptcies of the communist regime. The "CRIMES” section presents information about the most significant crimes of the communist regime. Each one is published in a separate file.

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