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Let us create a virtual obelisk

with the names and destinies of the victims of communism

The site “MEMORY 1944 – 1989” has set itself the task of being the driving force to continue the decommunisation of Bulgarian society. Like it or not, the path to a democratic state passes through the territory of a dark and violent past which took the lives of tens of thousands of Bulgarians and brought tears to tens of thousands of families.

The murdered, tortured victims as well as other persons who suffered and their families have the right to know their fate. We who survived the communist terror also have the moral duty not to forget their fates. Let us create a virtual obelisk with the names and destinies of the victims of communism. This is the least we can do to continue the process of democratisation and de-communisation in Bulgaria.   

European and world democratic traditions show that if a nation does not respect the memory of the victims of violence and does not examine and condemn the crimes of the executioners and murderers, if society does not understand the political and social reasons for the mass crimes, if the criminals are not punished, then the new generation will grow up with a rotting wound in their hearts and then the moral, ethical and democratic spiritual system of coordinates will disappear.

For this reason, I ask everyone who has an interest in participating in this process to support both morally and materially the civil initiative undertaken by the site “MEMORY”.

Petar Bogdanov Auhagen, Cologne, Germany, December, 2015.